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Nicolas Giannakopoulos is an international specialist and researcher on organized crimes and criminal structures. He gained popularity and credibility by the government and other private organizations that are concerned with reducing organized crimes in the world. He uses research and scientific methods of analysis in various events this minimizing the criminal risks which face people. His efforts have not gone unrecognized since he has won several awards as a result of his outstanding work in explaining how organized crimes are carried out. Besides that he offers solutions on different criminal events that have taken place.


Nicolas Giannakopoulos is an award winning criminal and judicial researches and analysis. He has been involved in many research programs for both the government and other organizations which are interested in understanding more about crimes. He has collaborated with the government and the criminal investigative units in carrying of research about crimes thus bring culprits top justice for their actions. Apart from working for the government, Nicolas is involved in many research programs which are provided by different organizations concerning risk assessment.


His involvement in private and public tools in development of suitable tools to be used criminal analysis have become acceptable by many people. One thing about his efforts is his commitment in using available tools and techniques that enable in understanding what is needed. When the information about a case is easily accessible, it become possible to form a basis on the case.


Nicolas has been involved in major scandal cases such as the one concerning Softbank. Nicolas together with other investors, they raised a number of questions about accountability and transparency issues in this company. The efforts were focused on protecting the minority shareholders who would most likely lose from the malpractices. Another intention was to bring accountability and transparency of the firm's equity. The exposures made about the wrong doings by the managers helped in transforming sectors that were heavily linked with corruption scandals. Get some idea about these at this homepage.


Another case where he was actively involved in researching on how the fraud took place was in Siemens fraud case. After many bribery scandals revolving Siemens, it was finally agreed that the settlement could be made. The funds were used to finance International Anti-corruption Academy (IACA). The case would have been different since there was evidence of poor anti-corruption records. With inaccurate records it would be a big challenge to get these results right. Visit this website for some tips.